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Are you ready to be transported to another time and place where you will have to think out the box and work as a team to escape? Jo’burg’s first puzzle room is now open at the Dunkeld West Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Real-life room escape games are a type of adventure game in which you are “trapped” in a room with your friends, family or work mates. This is real – not a computer game. Use your sense of adventure, imagination, lateral thinking, powers of observation, and teamwork. Crack a series of stimulating, challenging and fun puzzles. Solve the mystery and escape the room within the time limit.

No, you can exit at any time. We have camera’s in every room and you are contact with the Game Master via walkie talkie.

The puzzles need no specific mathematical or language skills. They are based on powers of observation, lateral thinking and logic. Anyone can solve them.

A minimum number of 2 people can participate. The maximum capacity of each room is 7 people.


Your progress will be monitored by a facilitator on a webcam. You will have a walkie-talkie to talk to the facilitator that can give you clues at any time.

Escape Room® is an adult activity. There is no offensive or unsuitable content but the puzzles assume an adult’s cognitive ability and safety considerations assume an adult. We recommend it from age 12 upwards. 10 and 11 year olds are allowed to participate but we cannot guarantee they will enjoy it. Children under 10 are not allowed. There must be one person 18 or older in each group. Escape Room® is a great family activity. If you are planning a birthday party for a child, please speak to us to discuss suitability and logistics. If you are under 18 you will need the written permission of a parent or guardian (the form can be downloaded from the booking section of the website for completion in advance).

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your group’s start time to complete the formalities and prepare. If you arrive late, you will have less time to escape from the room.